Vitamin for Cross Nation Runners

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[00:00:00] As I shoot this video. It’s summer time, which suggests one factor, it’s time for base constructing for cross nation season. So if that’s you, in the event you’re nonetheless a highschool or school runner, you might be questioning, how do I eat for cross nation? How do I prep? Do I would like vitamin? Is it a protracted sufficient race? What are all of the issues? Properly, in the present day we’re going to cowl that on this episode of Runner’s Excessive.

[00:00:34] Should you haven’t been with me right here earlier than, I’m Jesse Funk, the founding father of and the host of this present Runner’s Excessive, the place we speak about the whole lot operating and endurance associated. Now, if you’re a highschool runner or a university runner and also you’re not preparing for cross-country season, you’ll be able to nonetheless stick round as a result of a variety of the issues we’re going to speak about in the present day must do with consuming methods, hydration, all of the issues round on the brink of race.

[00:00:59] However I wish to focus specifically on preparing for cross-country season one as a result of I like cross-country season. It’s there’s there’s the scent of the season with the leaves and, and the rain and simply the cool temperatures. And I like the off-road side. So however past that, I do know that always younger runners, if that’s you get a variety of dangerous info or no less than after I was that age, there was a variety of misinformation and type of dangerous methods on hydration and vitamin.

[00:01:31] So I wish to cowl that and hopefully offer you a little bit little bit of a leg up in your competitors, primary, however on your self so that you just’re not hampering your individual efficiency. So if that’s you hit subscribe. Stick round for extra movies sooner or later. However let’s get on to speak about what precisely you ought to be doing as you put together in your races.

[00:01:50] Firstly, you might assume it’s carbo-loading as crucial factor. No, it’s not crucial factor. It is vital, however not crucial. I’d say primary is hydration. Now, with cross nation specifically, particularly once we’re speaking about highschool and school, the races aren’t that lengthy within the grand scheme of issues.

[00:02:13] So you’re most likely going to be taking in any type of vitamin whilst you’re racing except you’re in some type of league or faculty. That’s vastly totally different than my expertise. There’s no help stations or something like that on these programs. It’s simply going to be the course begin to end.

[00:02:31] Which means hydrating the day beforehand goes to be critically essential. And understanding that, primary, I wish to hydrate, you need to keep hydrated earlier than the race to be prepared for the race, however that your hydration wants are going to be totally different than any person else’s. As a result of a little bit identified reality, which I’m attempting to unfold extra of, is that every particular person loses a unique quantity of sodium of their sweat. It’s known as a sweat sodium focus. And it varies from individual to individual, largely primarily based in your genetics.

[00:03:05] That’s why we at Solpri developed this collection of sports activities drinks known as SYNC that offers together with your specific genetic wants. There’s various ranges of electrolytes for various individuals. So we’ve got a brief quiz you’ll be able to take after this video or no matter down the hyperlink description under. You may click on on a hyperlink, head over and take the quiz and we’ll assist kind you out and get you arrange with the right stage of electrolytes.

[00:03:31] However the factor is, you want hydration, primary, as a result of 1) It is vital in muscle operate. So in the event you’re dehydrated, your muscular tissues will not be going to operate at full energy, which suggests you let your self down. That’s clearly dangerous. The electrolytes are essential as a result of they assist that muscle operate. They play a job within the communication between your mind and your muscular tissues. Once more, essential if you wish to go quick.

[00:03:58] However past that, and that is most likely essentially the most critically essential a part of being hydrated the day earlier than a essential race is that sweat helps cool you down. It’s what makes us the most effective endurance athletes on the planet, or no less than on land. Our skill to chill down or skill to sweat is what makes us higher than different animals on land as endurance athletes. So while you cut back that skill, while you make your water reserves not as topped up as they need to be, then you’re hampering your skill each by way of muscle operate and thru critically having the ability to cool your self down.

[00:04:41] So let’s get on to the subsequent a part of vitamin and preparing for a cross nation race. Now, this subsequent half is type of the the large crux of why I needed to make this video, as a result of after I began out in highschool, there was a bent to not likely eat a lot of something earlier than race. That is the place race, timing and consuming is type of essential in the event you’re new to the game and also you’ve labored very, very exhausting to work out, possibly doing monitor work or doing drills or no matter it’s. Should you’re doing a little type of velocity work, you or any person you realize has most likely thrown up.

[00:05:20] I do know that I positively have occasions the place I recall grossly I’m sorry to explain this, tater tots popping out of my nostril as I threw up on the finish of a monitor exercise. It’s a little little bit of mark of delight being like, “Oh, I work so exhausting”, however clearly you don’t need that to occur through the center of a race.

[00:05:39] So that is the place, once more, timing and vitamin come into play as to when your race is. And after highschool, many of those races are going to be after faculty through the week. Typically you’ll get a weekend race, however throughout cross-country season and monitor season is even more durable. That timing is essential. So in the event you’re having lunch, your physique goes to digest roughly, let’s say, 300 energy an hour whilst you’re figuring out.

[00:06:15] I like to make use of that as a type of most quantity. It will possibly do some bit greater than that at relaxation, however it’s a great estimate. So in the event you say I’m having lunch at midday and the race is at 4, then you’ll be able to most likely eat 900 to 1200 energy for lunch, which ought to hopefully be a lot after which be advantageous for the race. That being mentioned, you don’t actually wish to give attention to like big quantities of protein or actually fatty meals as a result of these issues are going to take longer to digest.

[00:06:54] So that you wish to give attention to simpler to digest issues like carbs, which might be fruit, greens, some increased glycemic index, carb sources, which may be like, say, in the event you’re having a burger for lunch, possibly you’re not your best option. However these tater tots I discussed, starchy, type of suits in a bun, breads, cookies, these type of issues.

[00:07:21] Though possibly not the most effective dietary decisions typically proper earlier than a race, if that’s the most effective supply of, I’ll say sugar, a fast supply of carbs that you’ve got, that may be good to type of prime up your glycogen reserves, which in the event you don’t know, we take sugar, we break it down into glycogen, which is then saved in our muscular tissues, after which that’s used to create gasoline and transfer us ahead.

[00:07:50] In cross-country or monitor, it’s critically essential to have your glycogen shops topped up due to the velocity that you just’re going. You’re going to be burning extra glycogen than you’re fats versus as you grow old, many individuals go to half-marathon, marathon, extremely races. It’s a way more fats, burning, intensive type of race.

[00:08:09] However for the shorter stuff, glycogen is rather more essential. So once more, that timing, I wish to estimate once more, I’ll say, max 300 energy in an hour between while you’re consuming to while you’re racing. However that is additionally one thing you need to experiment with. So it’s a great factor to maintain a log, preserve a meals log of that is what I’ve for lunch. That is how the exercise went in your coaching week. And you then type of know, okay, I can and might’t eat sure issues earlier than a specific race.

[00:08:41] So once more, if you wish to take that hydration quiz, click on the hyperlink down within the description under. We’ll assist set you up with the matching stage of electrolytes that you just want primarily based in your genetics. In our expertise, if you wish to do the extra concerned check, we even have a sweat check the place we are able to measure your precise stage of sodium loss in your sweat. However that’s usually going to be for people who find themselves a little bit bit extra superior in each their race distance and race caliber, I suppose I’d say.

[00:09:15] However if you wish to be at liberty however we use our estimate or quiz once more down the outline under. Click on on that, test that out and hopefully I’ll see you on the subsequent episode of Runner’s Excessive.

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