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As information experiences have shared, many elements of Europe have been experiencing abnormally excessive temperatures and heatwaves from 81F in early June to an anticipated 91 F+ persevering with all through the months of August. The UK hits its highest ever temperature of 104.54 F, in addition to a report excessive within the Netherlands. These temperatures have triggered wildfires to unfold in France, Portugal, Spain, and Greece in addition to raised concern for a number of well being situations which have affected 1000’s of Europeans. These considerations embody dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, cardiovascular issues, and extra.

Consultants have been working in direction of addressing these considerations because the elevated temperatures have posed a well being danger for natives, particularly employees who function outside each day. A development employee wears a security helmet, which impairs the physique’s capacity to launch warmth. This is only one instance of the difficulties the excessive temperature has triggered. Extreme warmth publicity can hurt inside organs like the center and lungs, aggravating quite a few illnesses and elevating the danger of dying. Due to this fact, what can we do to stop these situations from progressing whereas battling these powerful temperatures? See the checklist beneath:


Dehydration happens when the physique loses extra fluid than is taken in. This may trigger an upset within the stability of minerals within the physique. Because the physique is greater than 60% water, you will need to rehydrate because it perspires to take care of physique temperature. Because the physique progressively loses fluid, the blood turns into extra concentrated, placing extra pressure on the cardiovascular system to pump blood. This excessive blood focus makes the kidneys retain extra water, lowering urination. So as to retain water, the physique pulls fluid from mind tissue, which negatively impacts general cell perform. As you may see hydration performs a elementary position in making certain well being and wellness.

How a lot water is sufficient? 

One of the best ways to make sure you are assembly your water wants is to constantly sip on water all through the day. Having a water bottle available whereas working or performing any strenuous train will make this simpler. 8 ounces of water 8 occasions a day is a superb place to begin. As well as, proceed ingesting fluids as you sweat or exert your self. It’s essential to do not forget that as you perspire to maintain your physique’s core temperature down, water is being misplaced and have to be changed.


The human physique wants electrolytes so as to perform correctly. These might be obtained from meals or drinks. These electrolytes are vital for sustaining the alkalinity of pH ranges within the blood. Moreover, regulating fluid ranges within the human physique, transmitting indicators from nerves, muscle mass, and cells all through the physique, constructing tissue and clotting blood, and contracting muscle mass. The human physique loses electrolytes in quite a lot of methods, nevertheless, primarily by way of dehydration. When dehydrated, chances are you’ll be in danger for complications, irritability, heartbeat, and fatigue.

What is an efficient supply of electrolytes? 

Electrolytes might be present in unsweetened coconut water, bananas, dairy merchandise, watermelon, and avocado. A straightforward technique to stop dehydration along with water is including yogurt or 1 cup of minimize watermelon to your day, and even having a banana as a snack. One banana has 422 mg of potassium which in the end helps management muscle mass and blood stress. Easy and environment friendly!


Water will not be the one factor that can assist with hydration, meals itself can too! Consuming a well-balanced weight loss plan will guarantee power wants are being met in addition to elevated fluids obtained from vitamins. A weight loss plan wealthy in fruit, greens, and entire grains will present sufficient nutritional vitamins and minerals to assist each day functioning and provides the physique the power it must carry out correct functioning. Limiting espresso, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks will assist your physique retain the fluids which have been replenished as these liquids act as a diuretic, leaching water out of the physique.

How a lot meals ought to I be having? 

3 well-balanced meals adopted by 2-3 snacks will assist the physique’s power wants. As well as, give you a chance to relaxation and digest earlier than persevering with the earlier exercise.


Whereas we can not management the climate, we are able to, nevertheless, give the physique the very best alternative to outlive by way of the grueling warmth these upcoming weeks. Hydration is a vital a part of survival and might be maintained by way of fluids, electrolytes, and diet. Dehydration might be deadly and trigger undesirable signs. Restrict as a lot stress as potential by replenishing fluids hourly, give your self a possibility to relaxation and eat meals excessive in nutritional vitamins and minerals, and monitor your electrolytes all through the day with electrolyte-rich drinks and snacks. Don’t neglect to assist your physique every day as you battle by way of the warmth.

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