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Right here within the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, we love our oils, nearly each type of oil utilized in all places on our our bodies. We like them in our hair, particularly kukui, almond, rosehip seed, and primrose oil. We like them on our faces, alone or blended; we like them round our eyes, mouths, and necks. We use them as make-up removers, cleansers, and in our baths. We like them scented, unscented, and with herbs. My Seven Unique Oils, which incorporates the seven listed under, is my private favourite mix of oils. You need to use these oils alone or collectively in any means that fits you. Don’t let my restricted recommendations cease you from making an attempt them each means.

Kukui Oil

Aleurites moluccana

The kukui nut bushes flourish on Hawaii’s hills and gulches and are generally discovered across the Islands. In 1959, the kukui nut tree turned the official state tree of Hawaii.

The kukui tree produces a cluster of small white flowers in addition to kukui fruit. The fruit has a tough inexperienced masking about one-fourth inch thick when it’s immature. Because it matures, it turns a darkish grayish-black and softens. Inside the fruit is a big nut with a tough shell and an internal core or kernel. The shell is darkish brown to black and appears like a small chestnut. The internal core is white and characteristically oily. A mature tree can produce 75 to 100 kilos of fruit a 12 months.

In native Hawaiian drugs, kukui had many makes use of. The nuts had been flippantly baked so

that the onerous shells cracked open. To acquire the oil, the shells had been eliminated and the kernels flippantly roasted; a transparent oil might be pressed out. For tons of of years, the Hawaiians have discovered this to be a wonderful, penetrating oil for his or her skincare wants.

Kukui nut oil has been examined and charges among the many better of the polyunsaturated oils. It’s excessive in linoleic and linolenic acids, that are important fatty acids useful for wholesome pores and skin. Kukui oil helps easy, soften, and chill out irritated pores and skin. It has a fame for being glorious for the therapy of superficial burns and chapped pores and skin.

Many individuals who don’t just like the extra conventional heavier oils do get pleasure from kukui oil as a result of it’s so mild and extremely absorbent. It’s fantastic to make use of after solar publicity as an all-over physique oil, and it’s extremely desired for hot-oil hair remedies.

Kukui nut oil is minimally refined and extremely unsaturated, has an exquisite emolliency, and is non-greasy.

Almond Oil

Prunus dulcis

The almond is a medium-sized tree of the rose household. The fuzzy, round-crowned almond tree usually reaches heights of 20 to 30 ft. There are quite a few biblical references to the almond. In Genesis 43:11, the patriarch Israel commanded his sons to hold into Egypt items from Palestine, which included almonds.

Almonds had been talked about in Greek mythology and the Muhammedans related almond flowers with hope, for the reason that fantastically scented blossoms seem on naked branches.

In Elizabethan England, “An almond for a parrot” was a preferred proverb during which the almond was thought-about to be a mouthwatering temptation: thus, in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Act V, Scene 2, Thersites says, “The parrot won’t do extra for an almond.”


Almonds have symbolized good luck for a lot of centuries in southern Europe. Historically, candied almond nuts are given away at weddings in Greece as tokens of lengthy life and happiness. When two good pals of mine had been married a couple of years in the past in a Greek Orthodox church, that they had candy-coated almonds at their reception for this function.

John Gerard (1597) noticed that “fove or sic [almonds] being taken fasting do keepe a person from being drunke.” My mother is amongst those that eat “5 almonds a day to maintain most cancers away.”

Within the seventeenth century, Ninon de Lenclos, a French lady of trend, beneficial an almond-based chilly cream, which was mentioned to have preserved her magnificence and stored her face freed from wrinkles till she was 70.

Ripe almonds may be floor up in a blender into almond meal that’s fantastic as a pores and skin conditioner, pore cleanser, and refiner. You need to use this alone or combine the almond meal with honey or yogurt and apply as a masks.

You’ll find almond oil as a high ingredient in most high quality skincare merchandise. It’s excellent to make use of alone as effectively. It has been used for hundreds of years as an all-purpose, soothing oil, as an emollient, in face lotions, shampoos for dry hair, therapeutic massage oils, bathtub oils, and is a key ingredient for making your individual natural oils. Extracted from the almond nutmeats, almond oil has been used for hundreds of years for your entire physique.

Almond oil is an excellent treatment for dry pores and skin. It will also be used as a delicate non-soap make-up remover. It’s therapeutic and soothing to the pores and skin and is included for these causes in lots of face lotions and emulsions.

Vitamin E Oil


Vitamin E oil is usually made by diluting pure vitamin E with soya oil, normally light- coloured and odorless. Wheat germ oil is one of the best supply of vitamin E; nevertheless, it will also be constructed from alfalfa or almond oils.

Vitamin E is a crucial nutrient for people and should come from an outdoor supply; the physique doesn’t produce its personal. Pure vitamin E protects the pores and skin from ultraviolet mild, aids in growing moisture ranges, and helps decelerate the pure technique of decay.

Vitamin E prevents oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. It retains the pores and skin wholesome and youthful by slowing down the growing old of cells ensuing from the interplay of oxygen with different chemical substances within the physique. It really works to guard in opposition to cell deterioration.

Vitamin E is an excellent magnificence support; it’s nice in facials and day and evening lotions. It might be utilized recent from the capsule to any a part of your pores and skin alone or combined with wheat germ or different oils.

Vitamin E is absorbed by the pores and skin, and due to its useful results, it is a superb addition to any mix of oils, lotions, or lotions. You could add the contents of a pierced capsule to your favourite cream. It’s mentioned it might probably get rid of scarring and pace therapeutic when utilized to an open wound. It’s a nice skin-care product ingredient that softens and lubricates the pores and skin.

Alfalfa, dandelion, sesame, watercress, and wheat germ are all very excessive in vitamin E. It’s an antioxidant, pores and skin smoother, and hair shiner.

It’s mentioned that vitamin E can work favorably at slowing down overactivity of the sebaceous glands. It’s a well-known anti-inflammatory agent. It assists in therapeutic by aiding the formation of smoother pores and skin and selling softer scar tissue, which might diminish the scarring.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is a priceless supply of vitamin E, coming from the guts of the wheat kernel. Wheat germ oil makes drained pores and skin look brisker, extra resilient. It’s a pores and skin nourishing and softening oil. It’s excellent blended with different tremendous oils and in lotions, masks for dry or boring pores and skin, and as an ingredient in tremendous bathtub oils. Wheat germ incorporates fatty acids and is excessive in protein. It may be used as a therapeutic massage oil or as a complexion oil to therapeutic massage the face, notably efficient in wrinkle-prone areas. Soaking your cuticles in wheat germ oil so you might gently push them again is an efficient follow for prettier fingernails.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosa aff. Rubiginosa

A.ok.a.: Rosa mosqueta
The rosa mosqueta, from which rosehip seed oil is commercially derived, is grown in South America. This is likely one of the best oils and some of the costly oils you’ll find in a skincare product. From the rosehip fruit come the tiny amber seeds to make the oil. The oil is excessive in important fatty acids and is used for extreme burns, sunburns, and broken hair, and for lowering wrinkles, scars, and marks on the physique. Pores and skin-smoothing and reportedly regenerative, rosehip seed oil is nice for UV sun-damaged pores and skin and deep strains. It’s mentioned this oil is great as a therapy for prematurely growing old pores and skin and pimples scars. As a result of it’s so excessive in important fatty acids, it’s usually used not solely in therapeutic however in stopping continued wrinkling.

Rosehip seed oil is beneficial for grooming regular to oily hair; after washing, dry your hair with a really small quantity of oil massaged by it for luster and normalization. Rosehip

seed oil can be utilized as a hot-oil hair therapy for dry hair. It’s notably useful to hair that has been broken by chemical remedies, solar, or chilly climate.

Night Primrose Oil

Oenothera biennis

Night primrose flowers are nocturnal, the yellow flowers opening solely at evening. Night primrose oil is excessive in important fatty acids, together with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It’s mentioned that the excessive GLA content material within the oil is what makes it so useful. GLA additionally happens in mom’s milk and black currant oil.

Night primrose oil has been used for moisturizing the pores and skin, to deal with eczema and psoriasis, irritation, redness, itching, and diaper rash. The oil is beneficial used alone or blended with different oils and utilized topically to the face, neck, or all around the physique in or after a shower. I feel it is likely one of the most fascinating oils in lotions and lotions and hair care merchandise.

In hair care merchandise, night primrose oil helps scale back the oil secretion with out inflicting dryness, and it moisturizes dry hair. It’s fantastic in shampoos, conditioners, rinses, and will also be utilized flippantly and immediately to scrub, dry hair for luster.

Night primrose oil has reportedly been used efficiently for the next:

  • Hair loss
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry scalp and hair
  • Chubby
  • PMS
  • Brittle nails
  • Zits, when taken with zinc
  • Eczema

Lavender Important Oil

Lavandula officinalis
Lavandula vera

Lavender important oil is oil distilled from the lavender flower. At this time, the biggest proportion of the blooms goes into fragrance merchandise. One acre of lavender yields 15 to twenty kilos of oil. It is vitally well-liked and gratifying to place a couple of drops in a shower or to easily get pleasure from as a fragrance. For extra about this versatile plant, see the part on Lavender below each Herbs and Important Oil.


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