The highest 3 WORST TikTok dermatology concepts

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On this age of TikTok, extra children and youngsters are following the dermatology recommendation of social media influencers over medical doctors. Dr. Kay S. Kane, our Boston Youngsters’s Hospital-affiliated Pediatric Dermatologist, want to share the highest three WORST concepts out on TikTok proper now.

Girl explaining sunscreen contouring on TikTok

Sunscreen contouring

A TikTok video went viral getting near 2 million likes by describing a way referred to as sunscreen contouring. Within the 15-second clip, the influencer put a base layer of low SPF sunscreen throughout her face adopted by a excessive SPF block solely on desired highlights, earlier than tanning. The declare is that “the solar will contour your face” naturally.
The outcomes:
As a pediatric dermatologist I’ve seen horrible sunburns with this method. One commenter stated it finest: “it’s as sensible as utilizing a condom with holes in it.”

Young girl sharing on TikTok the disastrous results of tattooing freckles herself on her face

DIY freckle tattoos

Freckles at the moment are stylish (thanks Meghan Markle), however sadly TikTok movies are exhibiting folks tattoo freckles on themselves at residence. One Australian TV star purchased tattoo ink off eBay, then used a stitching needle to prick freckle tattoos onto her face.
The outcomes:
The outcomes have been disastrous. She ended up within the hospital with a response to the ink and a pores and skin an infection leaving her completely scarred.
The lesson:
The lesson right here is that beauty tattoos are finest left to the professionals. Or higher but a make-up pen can dot momentary freckles on the face which might be washed off simply.

Teenage girl demonstrating teeth filing on TikTok

Tooth submitting

One other cringe-worthy TikTok development that went viral exhibits children file their enamel down with a nail file. The declare is which you can clean ridges and make your crooked enamel look straighter at residence. Through the pandemic folks lower their very own hair and trimmed their very own nails. However children must know that hair and nails can develop again, enamel can not.
The outcomes:
This TikTok development has resulted in lasting injury to enamel, to not point out poor beauty outcomes.
You will need to clarify to children and youngsters that the aim of TikTok influencers is to get as many likes and followers as potential. Thus, their claims made on 15-second video clips are sometimes exaggerated or unfaithful. And with all social media platforms, earlier than and after pictures might be filtered or edited. Earlier than your child or teenager does one thing regrettable, have them see a board-certified dermatologist, or one among our suppliers at SkinCare Physicians, for skilled skincare and beauty suggestions.

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