3 pores and skin “brightening” components that injury and age the pores and skin and physique

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Final week I wanted to scrub out my glass knifemaker in preparation for analyzing my specimens I wrote about final week. 

Its an LKB knifemaker which was made within the 1980’s so its all mechanical and no computer systems. So when it wants servicing, I simply do it myself. With any strategies in electron microscopy, its all achieved in home. So the knives wanted to part the specimens are one thing I purchase, its simply made proper right here within the lab.

Normally each time a bit of kit like this must be serviced, only a cleansing will make it work like new so I assumed this may be a simple repair. 

However as soon as I began I noticed I wanted to alter the reducing wheel. Then as soon as I took the reducing wheel off its mount, then I seen that the assist plate wanted to be tightened, after which one factor after one other. 5 hours later simply easy cleansing become a complete overhaul of the machine and I used to be fixing one thing utterly unrelated to the unique job.

This ‘yak shaving’ endeavor is time consuming but it surely additionally lets the thoughts wander for a bit and it obtained me fascinated by how skincare can usually lead somebody down the identical path. The place you attempt to repair one factor, reminiscent of a darkish spot, and in doing so that you created a littany of advanced pores and skin issues that are actually an advanced and presumably unattainable repair.

With skincare, there may be some good, however it’s largely dangerous. Discovering a superb skincare product that doesn’t do injury is more durable than discovering a needle in a haystack as a result of not less than while you attempt to search for a needle in a haystack, there aren’t a bunch of pseudoscientists, bloggers and bogus on-line articles attempting to misdirect you in direction of a decoy needle. 

False info spreads like a malignant tumor within the skincare world as a result of it’s cloaked within the guise of science. However the emperor is just not sporting any garments when it’s mentioned that hyaluronic acid is hydrating, or it could maintain 1000x its weight in water, or vitamin C can upregulate collagen. Whoever is saying such issues is unaware of how biology works and all it took for me to know this was easy major analysis I carried out in my lab which refuted this lengthy held “data”. 

And therein lies the issue: skincare “scientists”, bloggers, Youtubers, Instagrammers, and everybody else don’t really conduct their very own analysis. Skincare scientists simply conduct analysis on the right way to make a product extra marketable. And the remaining simply parrot what they heard from others with none due dilligence of their very own. 

The shortage of credible info is why so many individuals come to OUMERE with broken pores and skin, usually to the purpose of everlasting disfigurement. They wished to deal with one thing easy, like a darkish spot, and have been instructed by bloggers, youtubers and bogus research to make use of skincare strategies X, which created downside 1, so then they used skincare methodology Y, which created downside 2, and so forth. So now as a substitute of just a little darkish spot they’ve zits, dermatitis, deep scarring, irritation, uncontrollable oiliness and doable blood poisoning. 

My hope is to be a louder voice in skincare so we should not have this budding downside of amplified pores and skin illness brought on by damaging merchandise. Should you, because the buyer, are conscious that components are dangerous, and refuse to make use of merchandise containing them, then producers will probably be pressured to cease placing them of their merchandise. And to start, lets begin with these 3:

1. Hydroquinone

Maybe essentially the most harmful on the record is hydroquinone. The commonest ingredient in pores and skin “bleaching” lotions used worldwide can injury the pores and skin, however it could additionally do far larger hurt together with the next:

– Hydroquinone is absorbed by the bone marrow inflicting the synthesis of benzene which may trigger toxicity within the physique, mutagenesis (mutation of genes) which may trigger leukemia amongst different cancers and induced apoptosis (cell demise).

– Sarcastically, hydroquinone, which is used to lighten the pores and skin, can have the alternative impact and trigger the pores and skin to severely and completely darken. The pores and skin illness seen with utilizing hydroquinone is named exogenous ochronosis and is troublesome if not practically unattainable to deal with. 

Exogenous ochronosis is seen as darkening of the pores and skin 

– Pores and skin lesions

Extreme pores and skin lesions and darkening seen in affected person who used topical pores and skin lightening cream containing hydroquinone


– Elevated pores and skin sensitivity


The alarming a part of hydroquinone is that there’s a sturdy physique of analysis spanning a long time on its toxicity, but main manufacturers in America nonetheless carry this ingredient. 


2. Vitamin C

It’s identified within the scientific neighborhood that vitamin C can’t provoke, promote, or upregulate the manufacturing of collagen. Not within the pores and skin, not within the knees, not anyplace within the physique. This isn’t its position within the physique, nor has it ever been its position. Vitamin C solely is concerned after collagen is made to change the form of the protein. But regardless of this very primary reality of biology we’ve got this unscientific declare that vitamin C in skincare can magically do issues that it can’t in any other case do in a bioligical system.

The opposite declare is that vitamin C can brighten the pores and skin. Vitamin C can solely oxidize the pores and skin, which can have the results of lightening spots, however that is solely since you are killing your reside, wholesome pores and skin. And when the pores and skin dies, if it had any darkish spots, the darkened pores and skin dies too. Because of this vitamin C serums trigger zits, irritation and elevated pores and skin oiliness: these are all the outcomes of cell demise. 

3. Benzoyl peroxide

All peroxides might be dangerous to the physique. Your physique naturally produces peroxides as a metabolic byproduct and it additionally produces enzymes to interrupt down peroxides due to the poisonous impact peroxides have on the physique.

Benzoyl peroxide is widespread for zits and pores and skin lightening, and this ingredient will make any current zits and darkish spots worse on account of its damaging and poisonous impact. The worst half is as a result of the applying is topical, your physique can’t provoke the mandatory mechanisms to interrupt down the peroxide, so it sits on the pores and skin, goes into the physique and causes destruction to each. 

When benzoyl peroxide sits on the pores and skin, the damages it causes embrace:

– Pores and skin tumorigenesis ( creation of pores and skin most cancers) 

– Oxidation of pores and skin cells which ends up in cell demise

– Irritation of pores and skin which may result in everlasting reddening

– Lesions, deep pock marks and scarring

– Thinning of pores and skin on the utilized space which can be everlasting

– Worsening of zits on account of elevated irritation and weaking of pores and skin

– Disruption of pure pores and skin biome which may additionally result in elevated zits

When benzoyl peroxide goes into the pores and skin, it could additionally go into the bloodstream which causes the next inner well being penalties:

– Metabolic disruption

– Benzene synthesis (benzoic acid) within the physique

– Irreversible cytotoxicity

– Harm to the plasma membrane of cells




Additonal factors to contemplate:

Pores and skin strategies reminiscent of lasers, scrubs, peels and dermabrasion to lighten the pores and skin are simply as damaging because the above components. And since they’re bodily strategies, the disfigurement brought on might be everlasting. 

It’s subsequently crucial in pores and skin look after a correct lightening product that works with out doing hurt. A whole lot of OUMERE prospects use the Eye Serum as a spot remedy to constructive outcomes, and I exploit it myself and see marked enchancment on darkish spots.

Nevertheless, it might be crucial for these with extra vital melasma, hyperpigmentation and age spots to have a stronger product. I’m within the strategy of engaged on a spot remedy to brighten the pores and skin that’s with out the cancer-causing components, or damaging pores and skin measures talked about above.

Will probably be a part of the Unique Provide program first, then launched on the market on the OUMERE retailer after intensive testing. 






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