What’s Hyadisine and What Is It Used For?

September 21, 2022 0 Comments


HYADISINE® is an lively eco-certified marine-based ingredient that retains water to easy the pores and skin, moisturize, cut back wrinkles, and wonderful traces. It gives an instantaneous and long-lasting moisturizing impact to the pores and skin in the identical means Hyaluronic acid does, which is of course produced within the physique. It incorporates twice the degrees of water retention than Hyaluronic Acid. 

The bacterium producing hydasine was collected in an intertidal bay referred to as Douarnenez which is positioned in Brittany, France. Organisms that inhabit that bay are extremely dynamic as a result of exposition to harsh elements similar to wave motion, thermal and desiccation stress, UV publicity and nutrient depletion. Basically, hydasine is a marine different to hyaluronic acid. 

We use it alongside facet our sodium hyaluronic (plant based mostly hyaluronic acid) in our vegan cell renewal evening cream to provide you optimum outcomes.

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