Resistance Band Exercise For Hips And Glute Activation (Video)

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You would possibly assume that I work solely two elements of my physique: my legs throughout operating and my hips throughout PT as a result of properly that’s what I discuss a LOT, like on a regular basis, continuously. I realized the exhausting approach that hip strengthening workouts have to be the nook stone of most runner’s pre-hab strengthening routines to maintain us operating damage free (and sooner).

I discover alternative ways to work my hips on a regular basis as a result of we all know that runners, girls particularly, are vulnerable to knee, IT Band and different accidents after they have weak hips and glutes.

This exercise goes to assist to get your glutes firing once more and right here’s why this issues:

Whenever you place a motion demand in your physique, it’s going to do its damnedest to carry out. If it may possibly’t accomplish that utilizing the proper muscle mass, then it’s going to start out firing all types of funky stuff in a mad sprint to fulfill your calls for.

The gluteus maximus is a main mover of hip extension. There are two different muscle mass related to the glutes referred to as the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These two muscle mass are most related to stabilization and are equally as essential because the gluteus maximus. Weak glutes imply weak extension, much less energy and overcompensation accidentsUnderstanding issues with inactive glutes

How Do You Know if Your Glutes are Firing?

Listed here are a couple of checks you should use to check your glutes (and hips).

Do your knees drift in when squatting?

Standing in entrance of a mirror in the event you discover your knees falling in, that’s typically an indication of hip and glute weak point. In the event you’re additionally noticing knee ache throughout lots of your runs, time to have a look at your glutes. When not firing they cease serving to to stablize the knee.

Do you’ve lower-back ache?

Decrease-back ache is one other signal that your glutes aren’t engaged as a result of they compensate for inactive glutes.

Do you sit a lot of the day?

Sitting causes the muscle mass within the entrance of your hips to tighten. The results of that is referred to as anterior pelvic tilt and I present you some nice stretches to assist with it. However the second a part of this tilt is that it absolute cuts off the engagement of your glutes.

Are you able to maintain a Single-Leg Stand?

Do a Single-Leg Stand together with your eyes closed and your toes going through ahead. In the event you can’t maintain this place for no less than 1 minute—and particularly in the event you fall ahead and towards the center—your glutes aren’t working correctly.

Check both sides a couple of occasions and evaluate your common occasions to see if one facet is working higher than the opposite.
(Love this one from Stack)single leg testPicture from PTonTheNet.

You are able to do loads of glute work with none instruments in any respect, like bridges and clam shells.

Nevertheless, resistance bands are perfect for glute strengthening workouts for various key causes:

  • they drive us to strengthen our stabilizers
  • isolating every leg requires us to interact our core/stabilizer muscle mass
  • they permit for a better vary of movement
  • permit for extra muscle mass to be engaged without delay
  • participating the glutes additionally engages the hips, which a standard space of weak point
  • they’re a simple device for after we journey

We’re all busy and who has time to guess or solely work one muscle without delay? This exercise will enable you goal all of the areas of the glutes which are inflicting you ache and shortly get you on the street to restoration or prevention!

Resistance Band Hip Workouts

Let’s get all the way down to work! Watch the video beneath from Tara Laferrara and put these glute workouts with bands in to your routine.

👉Here’s a most popular set of mini bands, that may work for quite a lot of strikes and mean you can progress as your energy will increase.

2-3 rounds of 10 reps (per facet the place acceptable)

Or toss in 1 spherical after a run, then do a unique Hip Strengthening Exercise on different days, that is my desire.

resistance band hip exercises

Excessive Knees

Place the band round your laces, then start transferring shortly with excessive knees.

Squat with Raise

Place the band round your ankles, then squat and upon rising elevate your leg out to the facet

Reverse Leg Increase

For a glute activator, place the band round your ankles and plant your proper foot then drive knee backward to leg increase.

Sumo Squat Tuck Bounce

To observe stability and activate the glutes, place the band round your ankles then go in to a low squat. From there do a sumo squat with tuck soar…the objective is to maintain your knees the identical distance aside all through the train.

A quick, but intense resistance band workout for hip strength! #sweatpink #runchat Click To Tweet

Watch the video to see the hip exercise in motion:

Why Glutes Matter for Working

We focus a lot on the ability of our legs, however with out engaged glutes (Learn how to activate your glutes) we run in to various points!

Hip Extension

The gluteus maximus is the primary muscle utilized in hip extension.

Hip extension is essential for operating as a result of it means that you can have extra energy in your leg’s ahead swing. This lets you go sooner with extra energy and who doesn’t need that?

Knee Stabilization

The glutes additionally present stabilization for the knees and pelvis by limiting the quantity of facet to facet movement. Weak glutes can permit the knee to not monitor appropriately resulting in runners knee, Achilles and IT Band points.

The glutes begin the chain of well being down the leg and it’s essential to focus on these muscle mass earlier than they fail us!knee driftOvercompensation Fatigue

When our glutes usually are not firing, then different muscle mass attempt to take over that load. This results in overuse accidents and results in faster fatigue throughout your run. When all muscle mass are working at optimum ranges, you’re capable of run farther with what appears like much less effort.

Hip Tightness

When the glutes aren’t working optimally, it may possibly result in hip flexor dominance. An additional downside as a result of that space is so typically already tight attributable to sitting all day lengthy!

Meet the Coach!
Tara Laferrara is a Licensed Private Coach with the Nationwide Academy of Sports activities Drugs within the Mile Excessive Metropolis. Whereas her athleticism got here from operating monitor by way of her younger grownup years, she has a ardour for serving to and galvanizing individuals to pursue their goals in health and wellness. She’s a giant fan of HIIT, excessive metabolic, and plyometric workouts.

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