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Dry pores and skin, medically referred to as xerosis, is characterised by cracked, tough, scaly, or itchy pores and skin.

Most individuals will expertise dry pores and skin sooner or later in life, because it’s one of the vital widespread pores and skin situations.

Actually, a 2019 research involving nearly 50,000 individuals in Germany discovered that 29.4 % had dry pores and skin. The researchers discovered it turned extra prevalent with age and appeared about equally widespread amongst individuals of all genders.

In case your pores and skin feels dry, you would possibly attain to your favourite moisturizer. Drawback solved, proper?

Effectively, not essentially. Moisturizers typically do assist relieve dry pores and skin, sure. However they’re not all the time efficient.

If you happen to’ve ever puzzled why your pores and skin stays so dry and chapped once you moisturize commonly, hold studying to be taught among the doable solutions.

These 13 causes may also help you begin narrowing down potential explanations.

1. Not exfoliating

Over time, useless pores and skin cells can construct up on the floor of your pores and skin and may give it a dry and flaky texture.

Exfoliating may also help take away these cells and probably enhance the feel of your pores and skin.

2. Overwashing

The floor of your pores and skin incorporates oil, together with molecules known as pure moisturizing components. These assist defend your pores and skin’s pure moisture barrier. Overwashing your pores and skin can result in dryness because it removes these molecules.

In case your pores and skin feels tight or irritated after bathing, it could be an indication you’re overwashing. Wash your face with solely tremendous light face washes.

In fact, overwashing — at the very least for fingers — has turn out to be just about par for the course, due to COVID-19. Together with washing your fingers extra regularly, you may additionally use extra hand sanitizer, which might additionally dry out your fingers.

The following tips may also help hold your fingers wholesome and forestall them from drying out:

  • Go for cleaning soap over sanitizer when doable.
  • Use fragrance-free, dye-free cleaning soap.
  • Pat your fingers dry as an alternative of rubbing them.
  • After washing, apply a fragrance-free, dye-free moisturizer.

3. Dehydration or malnutrition

The outer layer of your pores and skin is made up of about 15 to twenty % water. When your pores and skin turns into dehydrated, it loses its elasticity and turns into vulnerable to dryness.

A 2018 overview of research means that growing your water consumption might barely enhance pores and skin hydration and elasticity.

Consuming a balanced eating regimen that incorporates the proper vitamins also can make a distinction.

Deficiency within the following important nutritional vitamins also can contribute to pores and skin dryness:

4. Utilizing a harsh cleanser

Utilizing harsh soaps and cleaning merchandise can probably irritate or dry out your pores and skin.

Cleanser substances that may play a component in dry pores and skin embrace:

  • isopropyl alcohols
  • benzyl alcohol
  • sulfates
  • fragrances

Cream cleansers are sometimes a gentler choice than gel or foam cleansers. In case your pores and skin tends to really feel dry, selecting a cream cleanser might make a distinction.

5. Your moisturizer’s substances have misplaced effectiveness

Most moisturizers final a very long time. Nonetheless, it by no means hurts to examine the expiration date in your merchandise, since a moisturizer previous its expiration date could not work as successfully.

Maintaining your merchandise away from sources of warmth, like sunny home windows, also can assist prolong their life.

At all times be sure to keep away from shopping for merchandise lacking a lid seal, too.

6. Your pores and skin would possibly want a unique product

Completely different moisturizers work finest for various pores and skin sorts. If you happen to’re vulnerable to dry pores and skin, chances are you’ll want a thicker moisturizer than any individual with oilier pores and skin.

Analysis suggests moisturizers containing ceramides could supply an efficient therapy for dry pores and skin.

Different substances which will assist deal with dry pores and skin embrace:

Dr. Liia loves all these substances and EpiLynx is utilizing most of them in every of their merchandise.

7. Unwanted side effects of sure medicines and medical remedies

Some medicines or medical remedies could cause dry pores and skin as a aspect impact. These embrace:

8. Pores and skin situations

Some kinds of pores and skin situations can result in patches of dry pores and skin, together with:

Some infectious ailments like scabies, together with bacterial or fungal infections, also can result in dry pores and skin.

9. A chilly, dry local weather

Chilly air naturally holds much less moisture than hotter air, and it could draw moisture away out of your pores and skin and trigger it to dry out.

Extended publicity to daylight also can contribute to pores and skin dryness.

10. Highly regarded showers, baths, or publicity to chlorinated water

Taking excessively sizzling showers or baths can harm the outer layer of your pores and skin and strip it of its naturally protecting oils.

If you happen to swim regularly, the chlorine present in swimming swimming pools may also play a component in pores and skin dryness. Chlorine additionally has the potential to strip pure oils out of your pores and skin.

11. Underlying medical situations

Some medical situations can issue into dry pores and skin. Some examples embrace:

Hormonal adjustments related to menopause and being pregnant also can result in dryer pores and skin.

12. Genetics and race

Some persons are naturally extra vulnerable to growing dry pores and skin than others.

As an example, Black individuals are likely to report extra signs of dry pores and skin, like scaling, ashiness, and discomfort, than white individuals.

Some analysis suggests Black individuals could also be extra vulnerable to dropping moisture via their pores and skin than white individuals. Asian individuals could also be most vulnerable to dropping moisture via their pores and skin, however consultants have discovered conflicting outcomes.

13. Getting old

You’re extra more likely to have dry pores and skin as you age, in response to the Nationwide Institute on Getting old (NIA). As a matter of truth, xerosis cutis, or abnormally dry pores and skin, is the commonest pores and skin dysfunction in older adults.

This occurs, partially, because of the discount of sweat and oil glands that occurs naturally through the ageing course of.

Older adults additionally are likely to have extra threat components for dry pores and skin, together with menopause and persistent situations like diabetes and kidney illness.

Plus, as famous above, dry pores and skin also can occur as a aspect impact of sure medicines. A few of these medicines, like blood thinners or coronary heart and blood stress medicines, are generally prescribed to older adults.

The important thing indicators of dry pores and skin seem in your facial pores and skin or the pores and skin on the remainder of your physique.

You would possibly discover some or all the following signs:

  • a sense of tightness
  • pores and skin that appears or feels tough
  • an ashy look, in case you have brown or black pores and skin
  • flaking
  • scaling
  • cracks within the pores and skin which will bleed
  • itching
  • wrinkles or traces

The way in which you apply moisturizer can play a job in figuring out its effectiveness. The following tips may also help you maximize the advantages of moisturizing.

Moisturize proper after bathing

Moisturizers work, partially, by trapping moisture in your pores and skin.

Elements which have a water-trapping impact are referred to as occlusives. One of the best time to use occlusives is true after bathing, inside a couple of minutes of towel drying.

Discover the best moisturizer

Utilizing the flawed sort of pores and skin merchandise can contribute to pores and skin dryness. Eradicating probably drying merchandise out of your skincare routine could also be sufficient to moisturize your pores and skin. However you may also strive switching to a product particularly designed to focus on dry pores and skin.

The American Academy of Dermatology Affiliation recommends selecting merchandise that include:

EpiLynx loves all these moisturizers and 100% white pure petrolatum is the important thing ingredient in all their face lotions.

Moisturize within the morning and earlier than bedtime

You could need to strive making use of a light-weight moisturizer within the morning and a heavier moisturizer earlier than mattress to maximise the period of time the product stays involved together with your pores and skin.

To your daytime moisturizer, contemplate a product that incorporates some stage of SPF safety. Stopping solar harm also can assist forestall overly dry pores and skin.

Use a hydrating toner

Toners could assist cleanse pores and skin and put together it for a moisturizer. Some toners even goal particular pores and skin issues like dryness, zits, or solar harm.

You’ll sometimes get the very best outcomes when making use of a toner after your cleanser and earlier than serums and moisturizers.

Use a serum

Serums include a excessive focus of lively substances, like hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. Usually, you’d apply these after cleaning and earlier than moisturizing.

Be taught which serums would possibly work properly for dry pores and skin.

Use lotions as an alternative of lotions

Lotions and ointments are usually thicker, so they could show simpler than lotions in case you have constantly dry pores and skin.

Be taught extra in regards to the distinction between lotions, lotions, gels, and ointments.

Is dry pores and skin the identical as dehydrated pores and skin?

Though the phrases sound comparable, dry pores and skin and dehydrated pores and skin consult with totally different points.

Dry pores and skin refers to pores and skin that turns into dry and flaky on account of an absence of oil and pure moisturizing components.

Dehydrated pores and skin happens once you don’t have sufficient water in your pores and skin.

Dehydration could cause your pores and skin to turn out to be much less elastic and extra vulnerable to exhibiting effective traces and wrinkles. It could additionally increase your probabilities of growing dry pores and skin.

Potential issues of dry pores and skin

Dry pores and skin can peel and crack, opening your pores and skin up (actually) to micro organism and elevating your probabilities of growing an an infection.

In case your dry pores and skin turns into itchy and also you scratch it, you’ll be able to ultimately tear your pores and skin. Tears within the pores and skin can additional enhance your likelihood of growing an an infection.

Indicators of an infection embrace:

Dry pores and skin can typically occur as a symptom of sure well being situations, like diabetes or kidney illness.

If in case you have both of those situations, dry pores and skin might point out a change in your situation, corresponding to excessive blood glucose. Diabetes also can increase your threat of great issues from pores and skin wounds and infections.

When to attach with a dermatologist

Dry pores and skin normally isn’t critical, and it typically improves with life-style adjustments or extra frequent moisturizing.

That mentioned, you’ll need to attain out to a dermatologist should you:

  • expertise itching that interferes with sleep or your every day actions
  • discover indicators of an infection, like discoloration or swelling, or your pores and skin feels heat to the contact
  • develop a rash, wounds, or bleeding cracks in your pores and skin
  • don’t discover any enchancment after utilizing moisturizers or different house cures

The underside line

Numerous components can contribute to dry pores and skin.

If you happen to moisturize your pores and skin commonly however nonetheless discover lingering dryness, chances are you’ll need to examine your moisturizer for probably dehydrating substances, corresponding to isopropyl alcohol or sulfates. You could get higher outcomes with merchandise containing substances like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or ceramides.

Dry pores and skin not often poses a critical trigger for concern. Nonetheless, if it turns into a persistent drawback or results in discomfort, a dermatologist can supply extra personalised steering and therapy.

Learn extra about substances and science information in our blogs!



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