EP357: Biohacking and Mind Boosting with Michael Brandt

September 28, 2022 0 Comments

Michael Brandt is a biohacker, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder/CEO of H.V.M.N. On this episode of the Fit2Fat2Fit Expertise, Drew and Michael chat about Michael’s background as an athlete, product supervisor at Youtube, Professor of Model Technique, and finally his journey into entrepreneurship. In addition they focus on the founding of H.V.M.N., the evolution of ketone esters, and the way they’re working to deliver this unimaginable diet expertise to the lots. In case you have ever questioned how ketone esters might supercharge your mind and physique, then you definitely don’t need to miss this episode!




[04:02] Michael’s background in working, why he loves it, and the way he stumbled into the position of co-founding and changing into the CEO of H.V.M.N.


[11:55] Why endurance runners are adopting the ketogenic weight loss plan with the intention to promote metabolic flexibility, and the story behind how H.V.M.N. was based. 


[24:09] Why ketone esters had been traditionally so costly, Michael’s expertise on Shark Tank, and the way ketone esters could also be utilized by on a regular basis individuals sooner or later.


[33:05] The method of constructing H.V.M.N., the issue of scaling a start-up with a extensively unknown product, and the way Michael incorporates Ketone I.Q. in his day by day life.


[39:20] How ketone esters have been proven to enhance sleep and restoration, and different distinctive makes use of for ketone esters.




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