Why Do My Legs Really feel Heavy and Drained?

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Medically reviewed by: Luke Maj, MD

Over-exercising can exhaust your muscle groups to the purpose the place your legs really feel like they’re manufactured from lead. However what in case your legs really feel heavy and weak on a regular basis? Heaviness within the legs isn’t simply an annoyance. It could be a symptom of a power medical situation involving poor circulation within the legs. A typical perpetrator is power venous insufficiency (CVI).

Persistent venous insufficiency vs. peripheral arterial illness

CVI develops when one-way valves within the leg veins, that are supposed to maintain blood touring again to the center, don’t work correctly. When these valves are weakened or broken, they permit blood to pool within the legs. That pooled blood explains why the legs really feel heavy and weak, and presumably, achy.

CVI isn’t life threatening, but it surely’s finest caught early, when way of life adjustments could also be all it’s essential handle the signs. In a while, should you develop varicose veins or venous ulcers, chances are you’ll want medical therapy. Signs of CVI embrace:

  • Swelling within the legs and ankles, particularly after you stand for a very long time 
  • Achy or stressed legs
  • A tingling sensation within the legs
  • A good feeling in your calves and muscle cramping
  • Tight, irritated, dry pores and skin which will itch

You probably have signs of CVI, see a vein specialist sooner moderately than later. She or he can diagnose CVI and supply therapy if vital. 

Drained legs are additionally a symptom of peripheral artery illness (PAD), which is extra severe than CVI and might result in lack of toes or amputation. PAD happens when narrowed arteries within the legs scale back blood stream. The narrowing is normally the results of plaque buildup. Signs of PAD embrace:

  • Leg weak spot
  • Leg ache or cramping that will get worse with train and higher with relaxation
  • A weak pulse or lack of pulse within the ft 
  • Coldness or numbness within the decrease leg or foot
  • Easy, shiny pores and skin
  • Lack of hair on the legs
  • Leg or foot sores that don’t heal

You probably have any of those signs, make an appointment at The Vein Middle to be checked for PAD or CVI.  

Methods to enhance blood circulation in legs

Enhancing the blood circulation in your legs can go a great distance towards easing the signs of early CVI.

Elevate your legs

Sit your self down in a chair or on the sofa together with your legs propped on pillows to raise them above the extent of your coronary heart. Every time potential, do that for half-hour a number of occasions a day to ease stress on the valves within the leg veins. 

Flex your ft

If you happen to watch TV at evening, relaxation your ft on the sofa or an ottoman and do “foot pump” (plantar flexion) workout routines: Flex your ft up and down, pointing your toes towards you after which away from you. This contracts the calf muscle groups, sending blood out of the legs to the center.

Add some train

Train improves blood stream within the leg veins. If you stroll, for instance, your calf muscle groups squeeze the leg veins with each step, serving to them return blood to the center. Even brief walks may help.

Shed some pounds if it’s essential

Carrying further weight stresses the veins and damages the valves.

Put on compression clothes

Compression socks and stockings may help scale back leg ache and swelling and sluggish the development of CVI. These are available in a number of strengths, so ask your physician what power you want, or come to The Vein Middle to get fitted.

If compression clothes don’t assist sufficient otherwise you discover them uncomfortable, your physician could counsel inflatable compression sleeves. You put on them in your decrease legs, and so they intermittently squeeze the legs to enhance blood stream.

Medical CVI therapy

If way of life adjustments don’t assist or you will have a extra superior case of CVI, your physician could advocate an in-office process to break down or seal off the defective leg veins. This causes the physique to reroute the blood by more healthy veins. 

Procedures embrace injecting the veins with an irritant resolution (sclerotherapy), injecting them with a glue-like adhesive (VenaSeal) and destroying them with warmth created by a laser fiber (endogenous laser therapy) or radio waves (radiofrequency ablation).

All of those procedures are minimally invasive, and restoration time is brief. Relying on the kind of process you will have, you might be able to resume your regular actions the minute you permit your physician’s workplace.

If you happen to’re experiencing leg heaviness or different signs that would point out a leg vein challenge, schedule an appointment with the Water’s Edge Dermatology Vein Middle immediately.

Written by: Jessica Brown, a well being and science author/editor based mostly in Nanuet, New York. She has written for Prevention journal, jnj.com, BCRF.org, and plenty of different retailers.



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