Botox causes everlasting pores and skin harm and ageing

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Wendy Ouriel

Botox is the tradename for Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein that inhibits the discharge of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which causes paralysis. Among the many commonest utilization is cosmetically to forestall or scale back wrinkles within the pores and skin.

The usage of toxins to paralyze the muscular tissues for its aesthetic impact could have the long-term impact of aged pores and skin as a result of the therapy each disrupts pure muscular operate and prevents beauty and surgical anti-aging strategies from being efficient. 

When utilizing Botox, the muscular tissues close to the injection website change into paralyzed for roughly 6 months, and this prevents facial motion within the affected space. The quick time period results embrace non permanent wrinkle discount. Nevertheless, the long-term results embrace an atrophy of the muscular tissues to the world. When muscular tissues should not used, they shrink, sag, and with ageing change into much less in a position to get better. By way of look, which means with each injection, the muscular tissues decrease in high quality, sag, and trigger the pores and skin to sag and wrinkle. 

It is for that reason additionally that long-term customers of Botox have famous that their muscular tissues and pores and skin cease responding to injections after a few years of therapy, necessitating extra injections inside a shorter time interval. Customers have famous that their pores and skin sags faster, wrinkles sooner and this creates a have to get increasingly more injections simply to have the identical impact the injections as soon as had. 

There’s a threshold to Botox, and after injection toxin into your physique for years, the necessity to get increasingly more injections simply to get a previous impact point out that the injections themselves are what trigger the pores and skin to age sooner.

The lasting harm

Botox may even trigger everlasting pores and skin harm simply after one therapy. The next have been famous to happen in sufferers after receiving a Botox injection:

Overcorrection– A.Ok.A the hallmark “Frozen Face” related to Botox injections. When somebody’s face eerily ceases to maneuver besides for his or her mouth after they’re speaking, that is indicative of overcorrection attributable to Botox.

Undercorrection– AKA “Spock Eyebrows” the place the eyebrows overlift, giving a considerably everlasting stunned look. 

Uneven outcome– Seen when one facet of the face is extra lifted than the opposite, giving the face a lopsided symmetry. 

Higher eyelid ptosis– Maybe the most typical criticism from Botox is sagging of the higher eyelid. 

Extra issues embrace:

Dysphagia, neck weak spot

Perioral droop

Compromised lead to aged


Intravascular injection

Lagophthalmous, publicity keratosis

Globe perforation

Diplopia (lateral rectus)



Botox Psychosis

Analysis has additionally discovered that Botox injections can result in psychological issues in sufferers. Ladies have reported important psychological unwanted effects after receiving Botox together with heightened sensitivity to noise and lights, acute nervousness, extreme fatigue, and insomnia. 

Psychological results corresponding to melancholy and ideas of suicide have been additionally reported. Such psychological results could have additionally been compounded by person report of  from minor and undesirable bodily pores and skin modifications to concern of potential, future unwanted effects corresponding to habit to injections and everlasting pores and skin harm. 


Botox ages the pores and skin

When you do not train, your physique is much less toned, the pores and skin sags and has a lowered aesthetic high quality. The identical is true in your face. When Botox is used over a protracted time frame, the dearth of muscle utilization causes muscle atrophy which causes the muscle to shrink and sag identical to how it could anyplace else on the physique.

When facial ageing happens over the pure course of 1’s life, there are numerous causes at play. There’s a lack of facial fats, elasticity, collagen, and there’s additionally a lack of muscle to the world. The lack of muscle tone beneath causes the pores and skin high quality to say no as nicely. That is why filler injections don’t trigger a 65 12 months previous girl to look 18, there’s extra to facial ageing than simply pores and skin thickness. 

Botox additionally will increase pores and skin wrinkling in neighboring areas of the face as a result of when as soon as space of the face is paralyzed, this causes the opposite areas of the face to work more durable to make an expression. The result’s deeper wrinkling to non-paralyzed areas. This may be examined within the following approach: increase one eyebrow and spot the muscle motion and really feel. Then press your finger over that eyebrow firmly and now attempt to increase it. New muscular tissues now need to work to boost the eyebrow and they’re working more durable and this causes new creases to kind. 

What can also be regarding about Botox is the way it prevents anti-aging measures from working. In case you have been receiving Botox injections, which means fillers, facelifts and skincare won’t be just right for you. Fillers require muscle tone within the face to maintain the filler in place, with out correct muscle tone, the filler will migrate simpler. Trendy facelifts contain folding the muscle as a substitute of simply pulling and nipping the pores and skin, if the muscle has been ruined over time from toxin injections, meaning facelifts won’t work. And for skincare, skincare can not elevate the pores and skin, so very droopy, broken pores and skin from Botox won’t be mounted by skincare serums or exfoliation. 

Toxin poisoning 

Analysis has additionally discovered that the Botox botchulism toxin can transfer to different areas of the physique. The likelihood of poisoning will increase in those that obtain the injection with better frequency (a number of occasions per 12 months). Signs embrace dysphagia (issue swallowing), fatigue and imaginative and prescient issues.

Botox can even enter the circulatory system and affect the immune system. The results on the immune system have been seen in each sufferers who’ve acquired excessive and low doses of Botox. 

Bone Loss

Botox has additionally been proven to trigger bone loss. Warner et al (2006) of their research on mice injected with Botox famous the next:

The muscle mass of the injected quadriceps and calf muscular tissues was diminished −47.3% and −59.7%, respectively, vs. saline mice (each P < 0.001). The ratio of bone quantity to tissue quantity (BV/TV) throughout the distal femoral epiphysis and proximal tibial metaphysis of Botox injected limbs was decreased −43.2% and −54.3%, respectively, whereas tibia cortical bone quantity was decreased −14.6% (all P < 0.001). 

Which was additional supported by comply with up research, together with this research on  mandibular bone loss from Botox injection:

After botulinum toxin sort A injection within the masticatory muscular tissues the mandible displays bone loss as an adversarial impact. Since this process is a broadly used strategy for a number of motion issues within the scientific dentistry, the potential harm of mandibular bone needs to be thought-about and inform the sufferers.

– Balanta-Melo et al. 2019


And the above findings make sense, when you think about that muscle and bone work collectively within the physique to help one another. When muscle loss happens, bone loss can also be seen as a result of muscle is required for bone growth. Muscle is an area supply for progress components that construct, develop and restore bone.  Bone mass is primarily regulated by muscle-sourced mechanical forces. Due to this fact  modifications in muscle mass/power have an effect on the bone as nicely. That is why strength-training train has been proven to preven bone loss.


 Due to this fact, the above will be inferred that injecting the pores and skin with Botox will trigger boneloss to the world over time, resulting in a degredation of the skeletal construction and inflicting an aged look. 


I don’t consider Botox is a protected, anti-aging process and the dangers together with everlasting pores and skin ageing far outweigh any advantages. 

The very best factor to do is to only keep your pores and skin with every day pure skincare, keep away from pores and skin harmful practices like smoking, sunbathing and consuming and to be life like about ageing. 





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