Why too many electrolytes could be a waste

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[00:00:00] You’ve been seeing options across the Web. Extra electrolytes. Extra electrolytes are higher. They’re after all, what vegetation crave, however they’re what your physique craves, too. And if in case you have extra, you’re going to be sooner, you’re going to be extra energized, and also you’re going to really feel higher than you ever had earlier than. Sadly, I’m right here to interrupt it to you at this time that you could be really be taking in too many electrolytes and what’s occurring to them??

[00:00:34] I’m Jesse Funk, the founding father of Solpri.com and the host of this present Runner’s Excessive, the place we speak about all the pieces working and endurance associated. So for those who like working, you want triathlons, you want endurance stuff, you’re going to need to stick across the subscribe button. Extra episodes come out each Tuesday and Thursday right here on the Channel.

[00:00:51] Now, at this time, I need to speak about electrolytes. I need to speak about why extra isn’t higher. And full disclosure, Solpri, my firm, we do produce a sports activities drink. We’re going to be speaking about that or actually our sequence of sports activities drink and why we got here up with what we did. So this can be a little little bit of a plug for us, however even for those who don’t resolve to choose up our answer, I need to assist you determine what works for you.

[00:01:20] As a result of every of us loses a unique quantity of electrolytes in our sweat, which means that it’s undoubtedly attainable that you may take into many. And while you’re doing that, you’re flushing cash proper down the bathroom. So let’s get into it and determine how do you personalize electrolytes for you? Why would you do that? And the way do you keep away from a case the place you’re spending an excessive amount of cash and possibly hampering your efficiency?

[00:01:49] So there’s really this actually cool examine that we primarily based a number of what we do on really a number of research, not only one examine, an entire sequence of research, however the fundamental premise is the concept individuals lose completely different quantity of electrolytes of their sweat.

[00:02:06] And there’s this examine, this peer-reviewed examine of roughly 700 athletes that exhibits individuals’s notion of how a lot salt they lose of their sweat and the precise measurable quantity of salt they lose of their sweat is carefully correlated. So we’re simply fairly neat as a result of it backs up primary, one thing that I type of consider in […] which is like price of perceived exertion and being in tune along with your physique.

[00:02:33] So realizing that “hey, simply asking the query, how salty do you suppose your sweat is?” That may get you near how a lot you want. The trick is there are corporations and folks pushing the concept extra is best. Now, traditionally, individuals with a low sweat salt focus like me have been served completely effective. Folks with larger concentrations haven’t been served to what so effectively.

[00:03:04] So there are an increasing number of merchandise in the marketplace which might be beginning to serve these individuals. However some are going to extremes for what I consider simply to be advertising and marketing functions, and so they don’t actually match for the overwhelming majority of individuals.

[00:03:16] So while you ask that query, “how salty do you suppose your sweat is?” It’s important to reply low, medium, excessive, or generally you’re getting very excessive. I prefer to phrase it as not salty, considerably salty or very salty. And people will provide you with a tough distribution of the place you lie on the spectrum. The overwhelming majority of individuals are going to be in that considerably salty class. That’s roughly a lack of 1000 milligrams per liter of salt in your sweat, which is why we made the SYNC 1000 is for those who lose about 1000 milligrams per liter.

[00:03:57] And we even have two different variations, the five hundred and the 1500, and so they serve the opposite two solutions to that. So not salty, round 500 milligrams per liter, considerably salty, about 1000 milligrams per liter. Very salty, round 1500. There are outliers. Folks can go as much as even 3000.

[00:04:15] However from what we’ve measured, what we’ve seen, these are going to be individuals that actually know that they lose heaps and plenty of salt or sweat, but in addition they’re the exception, not the rule. In order that’s why we made three drinks to accommodate a sequence of individuals. The overwhelming majority of individuals, actually. And once more, most individuals are going to take a seat someplace in that 1000 vary.

[00:04:41] Now, originally of this video I talked about, for those who’re taking in too many, you could be flushing cash down the bathroom. And that’s as a result of what occurs while you take into many electrolytes is your physique begins to filter them out and can you’ll actually use water to drag them by your physique after which pee them out.

[00:05:01] So that you’re flushing cash down the bathroom while you’re taking in too many electrolytes. Getting one thing extra correct for your self is a extra, for my part, cost-effective approach. But in addition you forestall your self from having issues performance-wise as a result of two issues.

[00:05:20] One, you soak up too many electrolytes. You may probably trigger the identical type of signs as you discover in dehydration, which is complicated since you’re taking in all of this liquid and you’re feeling like I’m taking it sufficient. However the issue is you upset the steadiness of electrolytes versus water and then you definately type of your physique’s signaling to you the place you’re feeling like you want to soak up extra and it turns into an entire factor complications, dizziness, vomiting, probably diarrhea, so on and so forth. It may be a nasty state of affairs. You do have to absorb a good quantity to get to that time, however that’s not nice. 

[00:05:57] On the extra typically state of affairs. That’s, for those who’re taking in too many, your physique’s filtering it out. I’m going to make you pee it out. You’re now losing the electrolytes that you simply purchased, paid for and blended in your water. But in addition you’re losing that water that you simply took into making an attempt to remain hydrated, which implies your efficiency goes to undergo. And that’s type of the entire premise of our drink sequence is to attempt to get you matched up accurately to your specific focus of salt.

[00:06:28] So it got here from me the place I used to be taking in twice as many electrolytes as I wanted, and that left me being thirsty. I undergo actually badly on sizzling runs on the finish of races. That is once I was racing triathlon. It was a nasty state of affairs as a result of my physique was not taking within the water prefer it ought to have. The imbalance acquired excessive. After which there’s a degree once more, when you consider price of perceived exertion and that type of intuitiveness of “Do I would like extra salt? “Do I would like extra drink the place it’s too salty?” And also you go, “I don’t need anymore.”

[00:07:02] However the fact was I wanted extra water, simply much less electrolytes. However that’s not what I had in my bottle. Now, most individuals might reply that query. “How salt did you’re feeling your sweat is low?” Medium, excessive or not salty? Considerably salty. Very salty. If you wish to decide up our sports activities drink go to Solpri.com/store or there’s a hyperlink proper down on this description, they’ll take you straight to the store web page for our drink.

[00:07:27] However earlier than you go, I need to present you another factor you are able to do that’s actually cool with our drink particularly that no person else is doing. It helps make this extra personalised match to you. So I’m going to leap over to the pc. We’re going to leap on the display so I can present you this calculator that we’ve acquired occurring.

[00:07:47] All proper. So right here we’re on our web site. That is our serving measurement calculator for a greater time period. And the cool factor that we did about this that no person else is doing is, once more, we’re making an attempt to personalize to your specific wants. So we did that first by developing with a sequence of sports activities drinks to attempt to dial in what you want.

[00:08:08] And we additionally provide a sweat check. So if you wish to know your precise variety of what you’re shedding your sweat, you possibly can seize a sweat check from us and try this. However what you are able to do with our calculator is take our drink combine after which dial it up or down primarily based in your style. So for those who mentioned, “Oh, considerably salty, acquired that 1000,” and then you definately go, “Hmm, possibly not fairly sufficient. I would like just a little bit extra.” You come right here to the calculator and then you definately regulate. 

[00:08:37] So that is sweat your quantity. Bear in mind I used to be speaking about your sodium loss or your sweat salt focus by way of milligrams per liter. That is our first discipline. So you acquire the 1000, let’s say, and then you definately need to dial it up. My specific suggestion is 25% up or down in order that the flavour continues to be palatable.

[00:09:00] So let’s say you need to go all the way in which up. You go 1250 milligrams per liter. You bought the 1000, after which your bottle measurement is 20 fluid ounces, and then you definately’ve adjusted your teaspoon measurement. Every part is in teaspoons as a result of we do reusable teaspoons for our specific combine as an alternative of doing plastic. However you are able to do that, and you may dial that in nevertheless you need. You need to do 1150. Dial it down. And all the pieces’s going to be rounded down.

[00:09:30] So 20 ounces. 20 fluid ounces bottle. So that you in all probability get one and a half. After which once more, if in case you have 1000, you mentioned it’s too salty, nevertheless it’s shut. You may go right down to 750. And also you’re going to do, I’ll say, simply shy of a teaspoon right here for 20 fluid ounces. And you’ll regulate this for any given bottle measurement you need, and it’ll regulate your serving measurement in order that it doesn’t matter what it’s, you possibly can tweak it and dial it in primarily based in your preferences after you’ve answered that query.

[00:10:03] So I believe the factor to recollect is you need to do what’s best for you. You may’t use our calculator for some other drinks than ours, however you possibly can take the data that I’ve given you even for those who don’t need to attempt our drink and apply it. So do not forget that. Not salty, considerably salty, very salty. Type of offers you a variety of 500 to 1500 ish milligrams per liter. You examine that as much as no matter sports activities drink you want.

[00:10:30] However if you wish to attempt ours out, once more Solpri.com/store or down within the description, there’s a hyperlink on to the web page. I’d love to have the ability to enable you out and if in case you have any questions, be happy to achieve out or depart a remark. Something, that type of stuff. I’ll see you subsequent time on the subsequent episode of Runner’s Excessive.

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