The 5 Latest Pores and skin Care Fads to Keep away from

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Wendy Ouriel

Pores and skin would not change, the pores and skin you have got at the moment is identical pores and skin that somebody had 10,000 years in the past. Its mobile make-up is identical, its bodily qualities are the identical, and its wants are the identical. 

The one factor that adjustments with time are developments. Trend adjustments yearly to maintain the trade related and to maintain up with the occasions. The skincare trade wants to remain related too, and since most skincare would not work, skincare fads exist to promote merchandise.

Pores and skin would not have to sustain with the occasions and there’s no development that matches with pores and skin. And any development that does happen is only a fad. Fads are transient and a product of selling, so it is not one thing your pores and skin wants, regardless of what ads say. 

I obtain a number of requests for interviews on what skincare routine ought to be completed for “winter pores and skin”, or pores and skin for individuals who have anxiousness, or pores and skin look after individuals who work an evening shift, and many others. And I’ve to show down these sorts of interviews as a result of they do not make sense to me and I discover them to be irresponsible. It’s irresponsible to create these false views that there are one million completely different pores and skin varieties and that for each way of life, state of affairs or circumstance there’s a pores and skin sort, or a pores and skin want or a pores and skin drawback. It simply is not true and I’m not going to take part in that lie so a publication can promote one other story and push a ineffective product. 

On the finish of the day, pores and skin is pores and skin, and what you want in your greatest pores and skin no matter its start line is identical: wholesome, pure and minimal skincare completed daily, and avoiding the skincare fads, developments and bogus merchandise.

The under are the 5 latest skincare fads to keep away from


1. Probiotic Pores and skin Care

Pores and skin wants a wholesome microbiome to stop bacterial, viral and fungal pathogenic an infection. Your physique does this by itself, and its energy is preserved by utilizing wholesome pure skincare and avoiding damaging skincare and skincare therapies.

While you introduce micro organism into the pores and skin within the type of probiotic skincare, you might be, first, making the idea that this sort of micro organism might be fought by the pores and skin and second making the idea that that is crucial for pores and skin well being. Each assumptions are false, and it isn’t one thing your physique wants.

Your pores and skin microbiome doesn’t want “follow” by introducing bacteria-infected skincare. Your pores and skin microbiome will get sufficient of a exercise by the each day publicity of micro organism and different pathogens by simply being uncovered to nature. It doesn’t want anymore, and by introducing greater than what it’s used to, you might be simply utilizing up extra bodily assets than what your pores and skin can deal with, resulting in the breakdown of pores and skin.

The results of utilizing probiotic skincare additionally makes the idea that the businesses which can be manufacturing this product are doing so in a protected and managed means. I’ve little doubt that the businesses who produce these merchandise don’t know what they’re doing. And that is maybe why so many have gone out of enterprise inside a couple of years of operation. 

To have a wholesome microbiome, I like to recommend simply sustaining the OUMERE routine of No. 9, plus the serums and cleanser, and consuming a nutritious diet that comprises probiotics naturally (not in complement type). 


2. Vitamin B

Nutritional vitamins in skincare don’t work to profit the pores and skin. The pores and skin is just not another abdomen for the physique, due to this fact making use of a vitamin equivalent to vitamin C to the pores and skin is just not akin to consuming an orange. You’ll be able to’t rub an orange in your face and acquire the energy, so why does everybody assume that making use of nutritional vitamins to their skincare routine act in that means? I believe it’s an instance of in case you’re advised a lie, regardless of how rediculous, usually sufficient by sufficient sources it turns into assumed as reality.

I’ve written beforehand about how vitamin C in skincare is the explanation for the uptick in pimples and pores and skin illness in recent times, however the latest fad is vitamin B in skincare.

Your physique can not digest nutritional vitamins by way of the pores and skin, metabolize them, and have the identical organic results as in case you had been to eat them. However what can occur is the nutritional vitamins go into your bloodstream and trigger issues. While you drive your physique to transcend regular protocol that it was evolutionarily engineered to do , issues go awry.

Analysis on vitamin B has discovered that vitamin B3, vitamin B9 (folate) and vitamin B12 could cause lung most cancers, mind most cancers and metastasis of most cancers to the mind. 

When nutritional vitamins are utilized in skincare, they’re usually used with different components equivalent to alcohols, flower extracts and perfume/important oils. All of those components open up the pores and skin by breaking the pores and skin cells down, which opens a direct path to the bloodstream. When that path to the bloodstream is open, these nutritional vitamins go in, and trigger the issues the analysis has cited.

Vitamin B is a crucial dietary vitamin, and it’s one you get from meals, not from skincare and never from dietary supplements. When you have got a balanced, nutritious diet, there isn’t a have to complement your weight loss plan with added capsules or pointless skincare fad merchandise. 

3. Pores and skin biking or “pores and skin relaxation”

The concept of giving your pores and skin a relaxation is one other development I don’t perceive. I by no means wanted to take a relaxation from wholesome consuming or exercising (apart from damage), so why are we being advised we have to take a relaxation from skincare?

I consider the explanation for this fad is from somebody not understanding their observations. In case you are concerned in a foul skincare routine equivalent to one involving retinols, peels, aromatic lotions, and many others, and also you cease or “relaxation” for a couple of days, your pores and skin goes to look higher as a result of your physique is recovering. I consider this remark had led individuals to consider that the remaining helped them, however their udnerstanding is unsuitable. The remaining helped since you stopped doing one thing unhealthy, however the remaining wouldn’t have been wanted in case you had been doing the proper skincare routine.

In case you’re doing a correct skincare routine and also you cease for some time, your pores and skin is starting to decay, and if you choose again up, your pores and skin is beginning to get better as a result of it’s being handled effectively once more. The remaining did not profit your pores and skin, it began to spoil it and setback all of the wholesome work you had been doing. 

In case you’re skincare routine is a correct one, that’s benefitting your pores and skin daily, then it must be completed daily and a relaxation is just not wanted any  greater than a relaxation is required from maintaining a healthy diet, or involving your physique in wholesome exercise.

4. Seasonal Pores and skin Care

Regardless of the temperature, your pores and skin doesn’t want a brand new skincare routine and it would not want new merchandise. As a substitute of occurring a buying journey, simply apply roughly of your present merchandise to assist your pores and skin throughout temperature adjustments. 

For instance, in the course of the winter, some individuals expertise extra dryness. For OUMERE clients who expertise dry pores and skin within the winter, I simply advocate utilizing extra UV-R and Serum Bioluminelle. 

5. Skincare steamers

Skincare instruments are a standard fad, and the instruments are sometimes focused to assist the skincare “penetrate” into the pores and skin extra effectively. The pores and skin can solely take in a lot, and what dictates its absorption are your genetics. A instrument can not assist absorption as a result of a instrument can not alter the legal guidelines of biology.Instruments can both do nothing or hurt your pores and skin on this regard.

Pores and skin steamers are one fad to be prevented as a result of they don’t assist merchandise penetrate the pores and skin and their operate harms the physique. Firstly, steam breaks the pores and skin down, causes redness and irritation. The outcomes embody untimely wrinkling, worsening of rosacea, dryness and future pores and skin sagging. They’ll additionally disrupt the biome in your pores and skin inflicting illness equivalent to pimples. 


In conclusion, it’s best to keep away from the fads as a result of they don’t work. Your greatest guess is all the time simply each day wholesome skincare in a minimalist routine. 


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